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21 Days Flat Belly Fix My Review

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review
  • I will share with you and specifically weight loss so. people don’t lose weight to get healthy, they have first get healthy to lose the weight, it gets healthy first and then the loss the weight second because the weight is a symptom it’s not a cause it’s a symptom of an unhealthy body losing weight actually very unnatural to the body.
How to burn belly fat - weight lose
  •  The tip of the iceberg. the reason a very specific hormone that holding down your metabolism. There are two sets of hormones that make you gain weight, hormones that help you lose weight most mainstream advice foxes on the calories but they ignore the hormone triggers instead.

They try to stimulate metabolism they try to give you appetite suppressant there trying to loosen trick your metabolism to some exercise but that is never going to work.

Flat belly fix Solution

  • I show you secretly but I need your full attention because this is viral. the hormone is stated to losing weight its called insulin lot of people no this.
  • As relating to diabetes and it has another function huge function and it is the hormone that puts fat not only on your body. but mainly your midsection and also prevents you from losing weight.
  • How to weight loss:
  • It’s called the fat-storage hormone flavored and here people don’t realize is the presence of even a tiny little bit of insulin all fat burning hormones are shut down. whats a means? that if you would consume half a glass of juice a glass of wine bagel even a piece of fruit.
How to burn belly fat - weight lose


now you probably know this. that low carb diets are very very healthy if you want to cut the sugar out.

when it hidden sugar out that does include the bread pasta or couscous juice alcohol flavored yogurts fruit etc.

Most people know that some people no. to avoid combining protein with sugar. so if you’re gonna go to a restaurant in order of a breaded piece of meat. or maybe it’s so hot and sweet-sour chicken.

you know from a Chinese restaurant or as a hamburger with the bun or a hamburger with fries or hamburger with the coke that greatly spike insulin.

Why More than if you eat this separated. this is one people that realize lain low-fat protein trigger insulin more than fat your protein.

If You buy like a burger some burger meal you 95% vs 85%more fat, I would go for the Father meat because of fat tense your buffer insulin. lean protein specifically protein powders like whey protein that will spike insulin more.

Excess protein:

A large amount of protein converted to insulin, the ideal amount of protein is between 3 to 6 ounces.

MSG monosodium:

gutamate what is that? that is a chemical that in larges your taste buds to make the food taste more savory, to make it more deliciously really is, all the fast food places a have

MSG in their food a Peruvian chicken to put MSG like a tonne of it.

There are MSG so many foods in the grocery store But here is a problem its spike insulin by 200% here you are you consume this food taste really really good but then gain so much weight because it spikes insulin. 

  • If you have a problem with these hormones you not a loss weight for the next 48 hours.
  • So when you see someone with belly fat you can be 100% sure that person has too much insulin.
  • So insulin goes up, a person gains weight. When insulin goes down they lose weight. A medical book every medical school all aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin. so we need to create its absence of insulin to lose weight. you can predict what diet is going to work. and what is not in which.
  • So if you took the Atkins diet or weight watcher, vegan or ketogenic. the question does any of these lower insulin those are one going to work.
  • Insulin is the switch that determines you burn fat, you make fat.  The next question is what lowers insulin?


I read a book on body type is the real body type is one with the belly fat and that’s triggered by cortisol that’s a stress hormone but here is think cortisol those in increase belly fat directly it works through insulin so stress increases insulin

Too frequent meals:

Too frequent eating if you eat frequently like 5 to 6 times is a day vs  2 to 3 times of day as spike insulin.

why because eating in a journal increases insulin. that’s a hidden source of high-level insulin.

It’s called insulin resistance:

Insulin has been dysfunctional. It becomes damaged to the point it does not work anymore the body is resistance to it because of it too much have it, block it.

People with insulin resistance have 5 to 7 times more insulin than normal people.

Insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic state but a lot of times will not show up to the normal test in tell waite get to become a diabetic.

Know to make sure this septum insulin resistance.

  • belly fat despite how many sit-ups. you do you cannot lose your belly fat no matter what you get plateaued spike eating healthy.
  • when you eat carbohydrate you feel better.
How to burn belly fat - weight lose
  • If I do such stress you become less cranky
  • you crave sugar and carb.
  • I need a nap after lunch.
  • Brain fog dementia absent-mindedness you start lacking the clarity of focus especially when you don’t eat.
  • worse eyesight, especially as the day, progresses now the vision is worse.

I mean think about diabetic pickled blind why?

Because the blood sugars are needed to be the normalize actually sentencing resistance is the prediabetic state you could have vision problems will before diabetes bad eye side.

  Not satisfied after you eat you:

you need a little something, sweet after you eat because the cells are insulin resistance blocking insulin and you can get the fuel in the cell.

So the cells are starving you gain weight you become fatter. 

 Swollen belly as the day progresses do you find it in the morning with the stomach is a little bit lower but the day it’s swollen up or maybe have to eat you just swells up that’s insulin resistance.

And you can see insulin creates a lot of problems. now also dangerous long-term side effects of too much insulin as well. diabetes and high blood pressure are too much insulin.

that’s why when you actually fix the insulin issue of blood pressure come down insulin converts sugar into cholesterol introduce right stroke has been connected to high levels of insulin.

dementia is lacking in the brain that stops the brain from working and Alzheimer’s amyloid plaques are called too much insulin so you can see the insulin is the common nominator, so many health problems that go beyond just belly fat.

  •  So the strategy is very very backward will not trying to treat a disease. we not trying to treat weight loss medicine Healthcare really is the management of symptoms. there no getting you healthy with missing in Healthcare is the health part. 
  • so what we want to do as you want to get your health. then lose the weight we want to get the insulin system healthy we want to get hormone healthy.
  • you have a chance to lose weight food alone that’s cause question maybe if you have all organic food that from fertile soils that you’re from the farmers market at the store and you can make sure that it’s grown on the soil it’s very healthy you can probably do it. 
  • The richness of the soil which makes the soil rich is the minerals are necessary for vitamins to be made so. 
  • The plant can pull the minerals and makes the vitamins. your food is only as healthy as the soil it grows on. 
  • Insulin is dependent on and that has to do one more called potassium. potassium is something you need large quantities you need 4700 mg every single day.
  • to get your potassium requirement. let’s say avocados high in potassium. you still need five avocados every single day you need 10 cups of vegetables every single day to get your requirement for potassium
wheatgrass juice powder

now why because wheatgrass has amazing properties first of all one teaspoon is equivalent to 6 to 10 shot of wheatgrass.   it’s incredibly concentrated 100% percent organic does not gluten-no GML anything no preservatives. this is what it’s grown has all the dried trace minerals the salt so fastest-growing on that soil. 

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